Dr Graham von Maltitz

Dr Graham von Maltitz

Dr von Maltitz is a systems ecologist and rural development specialist, employed by the CSIR since 1989.  He has over 25 years of experience in environmental and global change focussed on unique problems associated with resource ecology and management in Southern Africa, with a special focus on areas of communal land management. Identifying drivers of sustainability has underpinned this research which has been used to better understand land use planning, conservation planning, sustainable tourism, sustainable land management, degradation and desertification. Currently Dr von Maltitz is the acting research group manager in the Global Change and Ecosystems Dynamics Group of the Natural Resources and Environment division of the CSIR where he has  extensive experience in managing multi-disciplinary teams engaged in both short and multi-year projects. Over the past 10 years Dr von Maltitz has managed a number of large integrated projects dealing with complex coupled human-environmental systems, with specific focuses on tradeoffs in ecosystem services provision as a consequence of climate change,  desertification, biofuels and community based land management.

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