J.J. Pelser

J.J. Pelser
Title: “Evaluation of selected restoration technologies in degraded areas of the Mokala National Park, South Africa”.
Three types of restoration technologies (pounding, brush and pounding & brush) were applied and evaluated, to see which one of the technologies are the m the most viable to apply in arid or semi-arid degraded areas. All of the technologies have a size of 2 x 4 m and is placed in the direction of which water is flowing.
The ponding technology is when soil is heaped and shaped in a “half-moon”. With the brush technology, soil is covered by twigs of Vachelia karroo. The ponding & brush technology is a combination of the previously mentioned technologies. 
During the course of the study the different technologies was monitored by different survey techniques which include the Landscape Function Analysis, a soil analysis, quadrat vegetation surveys and a soil seed bank analysis. These techniques were used to see if the landscape, where the technologies were applied, increased or stayed the same.
Results obtained from the study shows that the P&B technology performed the best.