NWU pays tribute to Prof. Klaus Kellner for productive research

NWU pays tribute to Prof. Klaus Kellner for productive research

Prof. Klaus Kellner were acknowledged for excellence in research, innovation, community involvement and creativity at a gala event at The Roots Lifestyle Centre in Potchefstroom on Friday, 30 October 2015.

Prof Dan Kgwadi, vice-chancellor of the NWU, said the evening was by no means only about numbers. “Yes, we want to push up our article numbers and we certainly wish to increase our number of NRF-rated researchers, but quality and impact must always be our prime objectives. If we produce quality research, the numbers will follow.”

He said there are more awards than last year in the Innovation category for inventions, patents and other forms of intellectual property. “This is due to leadership, hard work and substantial investment. It is gratifying to see efforts being rewarded.”
“All in all the North-West University is continuing on an upward spiral. We are generally growing in quantity and quality.”
Prof Kgwadi said as a team, spread over the NWU’s three campuses, the university already has a formidable presence. He encouraged all the researchers present to continue their excellent work.

International leaders
Prof Klaus Kellner from the Potchefstroom Campus, were honoured for international leadership in research. The award is given in recognition of outstanding leadership in international organisations, institutions and relevant committees.

Prof Kellner’s expertise is in land degradation and restoration ecology. He was invited to the Climate Summit in Durban this year to act as moderator for the discussion on the deterioration of the veld and the impact of climate change.
He is the science and technology correspondent for South Africa at the United Nations Convention to combat desertification. His mission is to better understand the impacts that lead to land degradation, how this can be combated and how the natural environment can be restored.